Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Poem for Clara Muhammad

She went to the door

when Master Fard knocked

selling red silk

asked was brother there

she said yeah

he in the back

drunk as a coot

Master Fard

sobered him

raised him from dead

so-called negro

Master departed

Elijah in charge

brothers said no

even his own brother


Elijah ran seven years

black devils after him

"I will eat one grain of rice

til we kill Elijah."

Clara ran Nation

raised children

Elijah came home

snatched again by devil

this time white

charged with sedition

draft evasion

five years prison

Clara ran Nation

raised children

a little silent woman

disrespected by sisters

who shared her man

in her face

caught on roof

getting to her man

why they dis me

in my face?

she told Nisa Islam


first lady of the Nation

silent warrior

where is her bio

her mention on Women's Month

No black studies of Clara

comforter of Elijah

chief wife

mother of Herbert, Wallace,

Akbar, Ethel, et al

who will tell her story

raise her name to glory

this silent warrior

who nurtured Nation

those early days

when Elijah fled for his life

from black devils

white devils too.

who will call her name

great ancestor Clara.
I was in her house
she spoke to me


--Marvin X


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  1. Beautiful tribute to a solider sistar. Lift her up do not let her be forgotten.