Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music Preview:
Language of Love
by Marvin X and
Rashidah Sabreen

Language of Love is the title of a forthcoming CD by Black Arts Movement poet Marvin X with Rashidah Sabreen's lyrics and vocals. Of Marvin X, Bob Holman of New York's Bowery Poetry Club says, "He's the USA's Rumi. He's got the humor of Pietri, the politics of Baraka and the spiritual Muslim grounding that is totally new in English--the ecstasy of Hafiz, the wisdom of Saadi...."

Of Rashidah Sabreen, Marvin X says, "Her original lyrics and vocals can stand on their own, but together we compliment each other in a synthesis of creative expression that is new and fresh. You will be shocked and pleased to hear how our poetry and lyrics support and strengthen each other to produce a powerful message of love and understanding in a time of chaos and failed relationships."

Marvin X is West coast, Rashidah originally from Philadelphia, yes, in the tradition of Jill Scott and India Iree.

Don't be surprised to see a video of Language of Love with choreography by Linda Johnson and Raynetta Rayzetta. For many years, Rashidah danced with Linda Johnson's company. Raynetta is the supreme translator of Marvin X's poetry into movement, interpreting his every word, every syllable. The CD should be released in a few weeks. A Black Bird Production, Berkeley.

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